Unfortunately, we do not live in the same world as we did in 1979 when the current library building was put into use.  Today there are many more challenges, dangers and concerns we must think for both our students, public patrons and staff. In order to continue our mission of serving this community into 2019 and beyond, it has become necessary for us to renovate the library so that we remain a vital piece of our community and school. The entire renovation project is in three phases and a total cost estimate of almost a million dollars.

Phase 1 will begin the movement toward a new look for the library. We plan, in Phase 1, to renovate the public toilets in order to meet current Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Texas Accessibility Standards (TAS,) add a glass and aluminum entrance separating the Children’s area from the general library in order to better protect our smaller students, replace the south exterior entrance with new insulated glass and aluminum entrance to meet ADA, and provide a shelter by renovating the current WWII Room by hardening the walls and roof structure and adding a new
steel storm door in case of storm alert or active shooter alert. 

Phase 2 continues the renovation by replacing four exterior entrances (east and west) with new aluminum and insulated glass to meet ADA/TAS and providing controlled access at the east entrance, replacing carpet, new furniture and shelving and repainting throughout the main library space. We will improve and/or replace the heating/air conditioning system and add ceiling fans, replace the circulation and front desks, and renovate the current Teen Room into a Multipurpose Room with a telescoping wall closure.

Phase 3 will involve enlarging the existing Meeting Room to the South to include a storage room and a small warming kitchen. Added windows to the South and a sun-shade with new fixtures, furnishing and equipment will complete Phase 3.

The library is currently searching and applying for grants that would help us reach the total goal of the project, in order to receive some of the grants we are applying for, we must have community involvement in the fundraising. Most grants will not fund 100% of the project, so we are asking that current patrons and other community members and businesses help us out with donations. We assure you these donations will not be used for the day to day running of the library, but will be deposited into a special renovation account and used for that purpose.

by: Lori Cox